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It has been proven that hundreds of thousands of people in the UK have the opportunity to save hundreds of pounds on their utilities if they find new suppliers.  However, most people do not [swap].  We questioned “why”, and the answer we found was very simple: No one cares about utilities – because utilities are really boring!  And in a world where there are so many and such varied options, people simply have no time to look for new deals. So they stay with the same company year after year, often spending far above and in excess of what they need to.

So we created Swapp; a curator if you like for utilities – We’re not a price compare shop, we manage it all for you, we take the hassle away, and save you money at the same time. Your personal utility shopper for mobile, energy, and broadband utilities.

Why an App?  Our objective is to make the process as simple and as helpful as possible.

  • We came up with a way for our customers to securely upload a photo of the relevant utility bill, using the phones camera, to an App. This provides us with immediate access to usage, consumption, type of plan data, which is information other companies typically require to be entered manually by the customer via a form.  In a nut shell, you don’t need to fill out a form enter your personal details, or provide a credit card number for us to get searching.
  • The App also contains an in-app messenger which allows a direct communication channel between our customers and their Swapp specialist. Our specialists use the messenger to make their recommendations, and it is also a way for customers to make any special requirements, or ask any questions.
  • Finally, for gas and electric we are able to swap you to the new company via the Swapp App on your behalf. We do this with you right there and then.  And with the messenger channel you are able to ask any questions, go as fast or slow as you need to.

So add yourself to our growing list of extremely satisfied and stress free customers. We’ll find better energy, mobile and broadband prices while you sit back and relax.

Who is Swapp?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know our organisation.  Privately owned, we are a group of people working in the utility sector who have come to understand how difficult it can be to get good advice about how to swap utility providers (gas, electricity, mobile, broadband), and how to find deals that really make sense for the individual.

We realise on the same token that many people stay with the same providers year over year, because it can be very time consuming to find exactly the right provider, and therefore end up spending hundreds of £’s more on utilities than they need to.  Finding new prices in such hugely competitive markets can also be down right confusing and frustrating!

So we created Swapp, which is an App that gives us the ability to assess your consumption or current usage without you having to answer questions that you don’t know the answer too (especially prevalent to energy quotes). And it provides a two way communication channel via the Swapp App chat for you to tell our specialists what you need or would like from your potential supplier (like the type of mobile phone you’ve been yearning for for half a year, or perhaps you really want to see if you can lower your carbon footprint and find a greener energy provider). And for your specialist to find you the lowest prices on the market and make their recommendations based on your exact requirements.  Whilst you relax and get on with your day

Swapp has been created to make finding new utility suppliers really easy!

The Swapp App is a platform to upload your details securely and easily with no forms, there is a private messenger service for you and your tariff specialist to chat, and your specialist can Swapp you to the new supplier at the new lower price immediately.

  1. Upload a picture of your bill to start a conversation**
  2. Your Swapp specialist will search for new tariffs for you (so you don’t have to)
  3. Your specialist will send a push notification when they’ve found a lower price, so you can get on with your day
  4. If you have specific requirements your specialist is just an in-App message away
  5. Your specialist can swap you to the new company immediately

**If you don’t have your bill handy please upload any photo, to start a conversation

There has never been an easier way to switch utility providers!

Energy – Is a difficult subject to get in to. It’s just not a subject anyone really cares that much about, if at all. So it’s hard for us [at Swapp], because we do care, a great deal about it. People often look at the topic of energy and say “this is dull!”. But here’s the thing, if Swapp is pushing the lever on a topic that some people think is irrelevant or boring, it’s because the world is changing! And we want to be participants in the changing world, not onlookers. We want to get in control of our own destinies, not leave it to other people (worst case politicians) to decide.

We live in a vastly diversifying world, that is moving – changing – upgrading, before our eyes. And we believe that if we don’t get involved now we’ll be left behind, and we won’t be part of it.

I’m talking about participating in the world around us, and manipulating change for the good of real people – like you and me. In the energy sector by this we mean price, and for us, making a decision not to line the pockets of huge dinosaur energy suppliers; by making a small effort to swap companies to a much lower price. Not only saving money, but ensuring the cost of energy generally stays low: ‘Good bye [insert name of big energy company] Mr Black Suit and Mrs Elites’ annual bonus!’. We [Swapp] think we are about people taking control of an important part of their lives, and (inadvertently if you like) helping the world around them by doing so. And the great thing about energy these days? The options! … Why not go a greener in the process and do your bit to save the environment whilst you’re at it!

I get it though, I know, even if you find this article inspiring (which of course you may not anyway!) it is probably not enough to drive change. Because it’s still a very fecking boring subject!

And that’s where Swapp comes in – like a muscled knight in shining amour or wonder woman in hot pants, we come in to save the day and make it really easy (as it should be) to swap energy companies. In fact, all our customers have to do is download an App to their phone or tablet, and we practically do the rest. At risk of this sounding too much like a sales pitch, I’ll rush in and say our service is 100% free, and we offer completely impartial recommendations. I shall also admit that we make a little bit of money from the company that we swap people to, which in our view is in the interest of our customers saving money, and far less than what you make in total savings – A win win for you and me, and a middle finger up to the energy company, who think they got a good deal too.

We strongly believe that, in our own small way, we can make a huge difference. And above all be participants in our world, making change work for us, being strong, active, and ultimately, happy.

So, please, take a moment today to download the Swapp App, and let us find you a new tariff that saves you money, and makes our world a better place!

Why utilities?

Quite simply because whether it’s gas, electric, mobile, broadband, tv, people need utilities. And therefore have to pay for them.  We are forced in to a position where we put our interests in the hands of suppliers, and trust that they will provide us with the best deals that suit our needs.  However, the reality can be different; companies are not always set up to spend resource and time looking at their individual customer needs, at least not to the extent that we would like.  (If it were the case, Swapp wouldn’t be finding such enormous savings for the majority of our customers every day).


We chat with our customers via the Swapp App.  And the App enables you to quickly snap a picture of the relevant utility bill, which gives us all the details needed to start our search without you having to do the work yourself – no forms!  Through the App you will be assigned a personal specialist who will look for better deals based on your specific requirements – for some people the price isn’t the only thing that is important; you might want greener energy, or perhaps there’s a specific company you want to avoid, for example.

Knowledge is power

We have employed a number of specialists who can answer your questions and make recommendations for all of your needs.  On the other hand, you also don’t have to feel obliged to chat with them – the beauty of using chat – if you prefer not to.  We’ll find you better deals one way or another.


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